A woman shared a dilemma on Reddit’s r/AITA subreddit after her sister left her to pay a hefty bill at an upscale restaurant. The story unfolds with the woman’s sister and her boyfriend recently moving to the woman’s town. Excited to spend time together, the sister invited the woman and her husband to a high-end restaurant known for its $200-$250 per dinner.

Despite the woman’s warning about the restaurant’s prices, the sister insisted on going. After a delightful dinner, the sister and her boyfriend disappeared, leaving the woman with the bill. Attempts to contact her sister were futile, leading the woman to give the restaurant the sister’s information, threatening potential legal action.

The next day, the sister claimed she thought the woman would cover the tab, citing past instances where the woman paid for dinners (limited to $60 total). The woman clarified the difference, emphasizing that this was a four-person upscale restaurant dinner chosen by the sister.

As the restaurant started calling the sister for payment, the woman refused to cover the entire bill and insisted her sister settle her portion. Family pressure ensued, with the woman contemplating letting the restaurant involve the police. The Reddit community discussed the situation, weighing in on familial responsibilities, financial boundaries, and potential police involvement.

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