UPS Driver Sees Note Scribbled On Package, Helps Toddler And Mom Escape

UPS Driver Saves Woman and Child from Abuse

A Heroic Act

A UPS driver became an unexpected hero when he rescued a woman and her 3-year-old son from a domestic abuse situation. The abuser, James Jordan, had locked his son in a room without food or water and was physically and sexually abusing the woman. He had confiscated her phone to prevent her from contacting anyone for help.

A Clever Message for Help

The woman managed to pass a message to the UPS driver through a package he came to pick up. While pretending everything was fine in front of her husband, who held a gun behind her, she wrote “contact 911” on the box. The UPS driver noticed the message and immediately called 911.

Swift Rescue by SWAT Team

A SWAT team quickly responded to the call and rescued the woman and her child from Jordan’s abuse. The woman’s prayers for someone to be observant on the job were answered, and the UPS driver’s keen observation skills saved their lives.

A Reminder to Be Vigilant

The rescue was reminiscent of a movie-like scene, and the UPS driver’s actions were praised by many. Domestic violence is a serious issue, and this story serves as a reminder to be vigilant and speak up if you suspect someone may be in danger.

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