She Wants To Go On Her Son’s Honeymoon. He Says Yes But The DIL Says ‘Go Home’

There are certain times in life that are meant to be shared with those we love the most. There are others that may be a little more private, and for most people, that includes the honeymoon.

When one mother asked her son for a special request before he went off on his honeymoon, she was surprised that he was agreeable. The problem was, that her new daughter-in-law was not quite as happy with the situation as he was.

That mother-in-law said: “Hi, I’m Carol. Recently, my son got married, and he and his wife were planning their honeymoon. I had the thought to join them on their special trip, and my son said he would be happy about it. However, my daughter-in-law seemed not to want me there.”

She went on to say how she was excited to ask her son if she could tag along on the honeymoon. She said that it would be so much fun, and she was surprised when her son, Mark, entertained the idea. He then turned to Jane, his wife, and said: “Jane won’t mind, will you, sweetheart?”

Carol could tell by the look on Jane’s face that she wasn’t completely on board with the suggestion. It even came through loud and clear when she said: “Well, it’s not exactly what I had in mind, but if it makes Mark happy, I guess it’s okay.”

Before long, the three of them were exploring a coastal town together. Carol was looking forward to the experience, but it didn’t turn out well in the end. Jane could not hide her disappointment.

Carol was spending every possible minute with the couple, including on their excursions and romantic dinners. Suddenly, there was a lack of privacy that was too much for Jane to bear.

Jane said: “Mark, I appreciate your mom’s company, but I had hoped for some alone time on our honeymoon. I want it to be special, just for us.”

He then approached his mother and said: “Mom, Jane, and I were hoping for private moments during our honeymoon. I hope you understand.”

Carol understood and decided to do some exploring on her own to give them space. When they got back together for their farewell dinner, she spoke about how the air was thick with mixed emotions. She did her best to force a smile, and Jane struggled to complement her.

As they went back home, the honeymoon became a story they would talk about for a very long time. The problem was, at this point, the relationship between Carol and Jane had been strained to the limit.

Not every idea is a good idea, and this will take some time to amend. In the end, however, it is a good lesson to have learned early in the marriage rather than waiting until later.

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