Sharon Stone is facing profound grief again as her brother Patrick Stone passed away unexpectedly. The tragedy strikes less than two years after the death of her nephew, River. Patrick, 57, suffered a sudden heart attack, leading to his untimely demise. The local coroner’s office has confirmed his death as a “sudden cardiac death due to heart disease.”

Patrick was the youngest of Stone’s three siblings and shared a close bond with the Hollywood actress. He was also the father of River, Stone’s nephew who tragically died at 11 months from total organ failure.

Patrick’s widow, Tasha, expressed her heartbreak on social media, reflecting on the immense loss of her husband. She wrote about the unbearable pain and the challenge of envisioning a future without him. Despite her anguish, she hoped for his continued presence and support for their family.

As of now, Sharon Stone has not publicly commented on this devastating loss.

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