People laughed at this mother when she told them that she makes her 7-year-old boy clean, and that she teaches him how to cook and do laundry.

Mom received criticism for posting pictures of her kid performing housework, such as cleaning and cooking, online. While she thought she was sharing moments of familial bonding and teaching valuable life skills, some people in her social media circle expressed concern over the potential impact on the child’s privacy and emotional well-being.

Critics argued that exposing a child’s chores on social media might inadvertently place pressure on them to live up to an idealized image, creating unrealistic expectations for other parents. Some questioned whether the child truly enjoyed participating in household tasks or if they were merely doing it for the sake of social media validation. Concerns were also raised about the child’s consent and whether they fully understood the implications of having their daily activities shared with a potentially vast online audience.

In response to the backlash, Mom took a moment to reflect on her actions. She considered the perspectives of those who criticized her and recognized the importance of striking a balance between sharing family moments and respecting her child’s privacy.


Taking the criticism to heart, Mom decided to be more mindful about the content she posted online. She began to focus on sharing general anecdotes about parenting without specifically showcasing her child’s household contributions. Mom also started engaging with her audience in a more interactive way, seeking advice and sharing parenting tips without directly involving her child in the spotlight.

Over time, Mom found a healthier balance between sharing her parenting journey and safeguarding her child’s privacy. She realized that being open about her experiences as a parent didn’t necessarily mean putting her child’s life on display. Instead, she chose to emphasize the joys and challenges of parenthood without compromising her child’s sense of autonomy.

The criticism served as a valuable lesson for Mom, prompting her to reassess her social media presence and consider the long-term impact it might have on her child. Through thoughtful adjustments and a more conscious approach to sharing, Mom was able to maintain her online presence while respecting her child’s right to privacy and allowing them the space to grow without the constant scrutiny of a digital audience.

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