People Are Second Guessing Taking a Cruise After Seeing Reality Of What They Look Like At Night

Although many individuals love taking cruises as a means to spend their vacations, other people are afraid of them after watching this movie. A cruise may conjure images of you relaxing on a deck chair, dining at one of the various restaurants, or maybe even swimming in the pool. Either that or give one of those unusual surfing devices a try. However, as one video illustrates, you might not think of the existential dread that results from having to look out into the ocean at night. There are a few things about the ocean to be aware of. First of all—and this might surprise you—it’s enormous.


The second is that the amount of light in the water is not very great. You’ll recognize the feeling if you’ve ever spent the night in a particularly isolated place. It grows black—and we don’t mean dark at all. When you combine the darkness with the possibility of thousands of meters of ocean just beneath you, many maritime superstitions begin to make a lot more sense.

@chasingthedream.hj uploaded the video, demonstrating the darkness of the water with the caption, “Cruises are great until you realize how dark the ocean gets at night.” He continued: “Unless you’ve been on a cruise ship, you’re not going to understand how dark it gets at night. And then they say, ‘all you’re doing is showing the swimming pool’, it’s kind of because there’s nothing to see if you look overboard at night because it’s absolutely pitch black.” And the thought of that scared people to no end.

One wrote: “Nope, I have a weird thing about bodies of water at night! That would creep me out way too much.” A second posted: “You cannot pay me enough to go on a cruise.” “And that’s why…I WILL NEVER,” said a third. And it’s not just on cruise ships that one may find this frightening.

Why Is Taking A Cruise So Scary?

Joethesailor, a TikToker, shares his life as an officer aboard container ships. He said in a video that the pitch-black conditions still frighten him when he goes outside on the deck at night. He disclosed that a belief exists among certain sailors that one should never walk out on deck by themselves at night. The darkness may start to “call” to you if you gaze at it for an extended period of time, making you feel driven to dive in.

Another scary thing about cruise ships is the possibility of it sinking or getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. 16 cruise ships sank between 1980 and 2012, according to a 2013 New York Times article. Typically, the ships that go down are either part of smaller cruise lines or are sailing in choppy areas, such as the Antarctic Ocean. According to the Times, one of the deadliest ship capsizings happened in 1994 when a ship sank in the Baltic Sea, killing 800 people. Even while cruises are designed to be relaxing, things don’t always go as planned.

In March 2019, the luxury cruise liner Viking Sky experienced engine problems off the coast of Norway, leaving over 1,300 people stranded. 28 of the more than 400 individuals who needed to be evacuated from the boat were sent to the hospital.

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