Patricia Krentcil tanned five days a week and almost lost her life – this is what “Tan Mom” looks like today

Introduction: Patricia Krentcil, widely known as “Tan Mom,” gained notoriety in 2012 for her intense tanning habits, leading to legal troubles. Today, she has overcome health challenges and shifted her perspective on tanning.

Obsession and Viral Controversy: Krentcil’s obsession with tanning began at 23, visiting the salon five times a week for 12-minute sessions. In 2012, she faced child endangerment charges for allegedly taking her daughter to a tanning booth, sparking a viral internet sensation. Dermatologists identified her extreme behavior as tanorexia, emphasizing the dangers of excessive tanning.

Legal Battles and Public Scrutiny: Despite maintaining innocence, Krentcil faced potential imprisonment, which was later averted in 2013. However, public criticism persisted, prompting her family to relocate to Florida for a fresh start due to relentless media attention and mockery.

Life After the Controversy: In the aftermath, Krentcil aimed to capitalize on her fame through a movie, tanning lotion line, and modeling. By 2019, health complications, including pneumonia and cardiac arrest, brought her close to death. Thankfully, she survived, emphasizing the toll of her past choices.

Recovery and Embracing “Tan Mom”: Recent images of Krentcil on Instagram reveal a healthier and happier individual. Despite her past, she continues to tan twice a week, embracing her “Tan Mom” identity while separating it from her personal life as Patricia Marie.

In conclusion, Patricia Krentcil’s journey reflects the dangers of extreme obsessions and the potential for recovery, emphasizing the importance of balance and self-awareness.

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