Parents Shocked After Baby is Born With a ‘Permanent Smile’ Condition, and Social Media is Falling in Love

Ayla Summer Mucha was born on December 30, 2021, with a permanent smile on her face, the result of a condition known as Bilateral Macrostomia. The chances are pretty good that you’ve likely never heard of the condition before, if so, you’re not alone. It’s such a rare condition that fewer than 20 people have ever been diagnosed. Fortunately, the condition hasn’t prevented the sweet girl from enjoying a happy life, full of love.


Cristina Vercher and her husband Blaize Mucha are from Australia and got some incredibly life-changing news in 2021. They would be welcoming their first baby into their lives. On December 30, 2021, a girl, Ayla, was delivered by C-section. Although things had gone well, the doctors suddenly noticed the baby had what appeared to be a permanent smile. Despite the shocking news Cristina and Blaize experienced for the first time, a special feeling that most parents know well, indescribable and unwavering love.


Concerns Associated with Her Permanent Smile

As to be expected, the couple were overjoyed but also concerned about the wellbeing of their new little one. “This made the experience all the more worrying as it took several hours for a doctor to give us an answer. With this came more difficulties as the hospital had little knowledge or support for such a rare condition.” Explained Cristina. “All I could think about as a mother was where I went wrong.”

To make matters worse, Cristina and Blaize were in their early 20’s, with little knowledge of the joys and struggles of parenting, let alone how to face the condition with which their new daughter was born. “Blaize and I were not aware of this condition, nor had I ever met someone born with a Macrostomia,” the young mom explained. “So, it came as a huge shock.”

Understanding the Permanent Smile

Even more interesting, was the fact that Ayla’s permanent smile never showed up on the ultrasounds. As a result, everyone was pretty taken by surprise. Perhaps none more so than doctors as only 14 people throughout recorded medical history have ever had Bilateral Macrostomia. Described as a facial deformity, it can cause a permanent smile similar to Ayla’s case or can appear as a cleft palette. It’s important to note that Bilateral Macrostomia and cleft palate both affect the appearance around the mouth and are treated with surgery. However, they’re “2 different congenial” conditions according to Very Well Health.

Bilateral Macrostomia occurs when the corners of the mouth don’t fuse together in utero, resulting in a seemingly permanent smile. Although Cristina’s was a typical mom reaction, taking on the weight of the situation, medical professionals assured her and Blaize there was nothing they could have done to prevent the permanent smile. Nor were they in any way responsible for the medical phenomena. A discovery that came after a series of tests including genetic testing.

Spreading Information is Their Mission

Comforted in knowing they weren’t the cause, Cristina and Blaize set their focus on something else, what they could do for their deeply loved, new baby. They would need to work harder to help her learn to do things like latch or suckle. Moreover, as rare as Bilateral Macrostomia is, it’s even more rare that it’s not accompanied by another form disability. As such, the family also wondered whether or not Ayla would be able to have a full life, or one that didn’t come with numerous obstacles.

Upon learning more, the pair realized just how little is known about the rare condition. The condition that gave their baby a permanent smile. As a result, they turned to social media platforms to help spread awareness. Unsurprisingly, the pair was met with mixed responses, but the majority of the world fell in love with Ayla Summer Mucha and her permanent smile.

Meeting Haters with Compassion

Cristina has an Instagram with more than 3,000 followers and a TikTok account that she uses to inform others and highlight that her daughter’s condition hasn’t had too big an impact. In fact, Ayla had surgery to remove the permanent smile. With the exception of some minor scarring, she now has a typical smile, recently celebrated her second birthday, and welcomed a new baby brother into her family. The happy family of four dotes on one another at every opportunity and actively disregards any comments that are unkind or damaging from other internet users. Instead, they’ve met those responses with compassion. “I would advise nothing more than to be kind and accepting of all people.” Cristina shared regarding the hurtful comments.

“As you would hope, people paid the same respect to your or your children if such events were to occur in your life,” she continued.

An Outpouring of Love

The family has also been met with an abundance of love from supporters, helping their videos to garner millions of likes. “I just read on doctor Google that there are only 14 documented cases. She is so darn special. Be proud mama,” commented one supporter.

She is beautiful and just perfect the way she is. She made me smile as well.” Gushed another.

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, please do not listen to those bitter people. She’s such an Angel,” shares one. “Oh my looord. How cute are you!! ignore all those hurtful comments your little cuteness is just too sweet,” said a third.

It seems that love and positivity have won as Cristina confidently reveals, “We will not stop sharing our experiences and favourite memories as we are so proud.”

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