Parent’s devastating decision – forced to pull the plug on teen daughter after sleepover horror

Australian ally Langdon couldn’t hide her sorrow as she conversed with a couple who faced the agonizing decision of terminating the life of their beloved child, a mere thirteen years old, due to the fatal consequences of a dangerous trend known as “chroming.”

During an episode of A Current Affair, host Ally Langdon provided a platform for Andrea and Paul Haynes to recount the heart-wrenching loss of their young daughter, Esra Haynes, who tragically succumbed to the allure of “chroming,” a hazardous practice gaining popularity on social media.

Esra, a talented young athlete who excelled in BMX racing alongside her siblings and captained the Montrose Football Netball Club, fell victim to the sinister effects of inhaling chemical substances like deodorant. Her friends initially mistook her condition for a panic attack, but in reality, her body was shutting down, leading to cardiac arrest.

Upon Andrea’s arrival, the truth behind Esra’s condition was revealed—the term “chroming” was entirely unfamiliar to her. The frantic parents rushed their daughter to the hospital, hoping for a full recovery, given her robust heart and lungs.

Despite the family’s optimism, fate dealt a devastating blow. After eight days on life support, they received the heart-wrenching news that Esra’s brain had suffered irreversible damage. The excruciating decision to turn off life support followed.

In the aftermath, Andrea and Paul struggled to put into words the magnitude of their grief. They tearfully recalled their final moments with their beloved daughter, inviting family and friends to bid their goodbyes, cuddling Esra until the end.

The emotional recounting of the Haynes family’s tragedy moved Langdon, a mother herself, to tears. The loss of a young life, the shattered dreams of Esra’s siblings—Imogen, Seth, and Charlie—the pain rippled throughout the community.

Paul and his wife, who had never encountered the term “chroming” before their daughter’s tragic death, now make it their mission to raise awareness about this lethal viral trend. Chroming, achieved through readily available materials such as deodorant, paint, hairspray, or permanent markers, has claimed numerous young lives, inflicting organ failure, seizures, heart attacks, suffocation, and sudden death.

Paul expressed deep regret for not having been aware of chroming while Esra was still alive, acknowledging that education and open conversations with children are essential in combating the allure of such dangerous practices.

The Haynes family’s sorrow serves as a stark reminder of the urgency to safeguard the younger generation from the perils of chroming. Esra’s memory, described by her teammates as “determined, fun, cheeky, and talented,” lives on as her loved ones advocate for greater awareness.

This tragic tale, a cautionary account of the consequences of chroming, compels us to share it widely and educate parents about the dangers lurking in this fatal trend. Let us stand together to protect our children and prevent future heartbreaks.

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