Optical illusion reveals if YOU are ‘strong-willed and stubborn’ or ‘caring and likeable’ based on what image you see first

Optical illusions go beyond simple mental exercises. They are a fantastic eye-sight test. In some circumstances, they’re also very good indicators of your personality traits. This is useful, especially if you weren’t initially certain that you possessed those qualities.

Recently, Mia Yillin posted an illusion on TikToker that can reveal whether we are someone who is obstinate and sticks to a task or goal no matter what, or if we prefer to keep to ourselves and avoid mind games.

By the way, Mia Yillin is well-known on TikTok for her superb perception of personality traits through such intriguing optical illusions. She currently has over 450,000 fans. She explains that in addition to indicating our romantic or picky tendencies toward those we call friends, the illusion can also reveal these traits.

The Optical Illusion Test

Take a look at the image:

two forks, that resemble a shape od a wine glass

Once you have seen it, it is important to remember what you saw at first glance. Noted? Then, if you have not noticed everything in the picture, it shows a wine glass and two forks. The two forms are arranged in a way that creates the illusion of the wine glass. Now, here are the explanations according to what you saw first:

The Forks: Mia explains that seeing this first indicates that you are someone strong-willed and quite stubborn. This means that once you choose a goal, you will not stop no matter what until that goal is attained. You prefer to be as free as possible and like the romantic clichés in life. However, you will always choose the other person’s well-being rather than holding them back for the sake of love.

The Wine Glass: According to Mia, this means that you are likable and caring. In fact, you are so likable that you always get people who want to be closely acquainted with you. However, at the same time, you are usually pretty choosy with who gets into your innermost circle. Of course, the conditions to get in are also pretty difficult. You dislike anyone who participates or favors mind games. However, you avoid exposing them so you usually distance yourself silently from such people.

The Internet’s Reaction

The post’s comments were flooded with viewers who had nothing but praise for Mia’s accuracy. One of them said, “Wow, this is super accurate”. Another person commented, “Girl why are you so true it felt like you had looked at my life”. A third praise went, “I saw the forks and everything you said is true”.

Comment on the illusion
Comment on the illusion

Mia, as well as the internet, have several more fun ‘tests’ like this. For example, you can figure out what is your love language through an optical illusion through what you see first here:

Optical illusion by Olek Shupliack

Or, you can get to know if you have issues with commitment through this illusion:

Optical illusion for commitment issues.

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