Nurse Hears Dying Patient’s Final Wish And Grants It Without Hesitating

One of the most painful things that we may experience in life is when we go through the grieving process after losing someone we care about deeply.

In fact, it starts long before they pass away and sometimes, the process of the person dying is one of the most painful things that we have to go through.

It drains us emotionally and we don’t want to spend any time away from them because we might end up missing them as they pass away.

We often think about those who have to go through this difficult time when they watch a loved one dying. It is also important, however, to consider those who are dying and what they may be going through at that time as well. Many times, they are afraid and they may hesitate to allow themselves the benefit of letting go.

If you have ever been around somebody who was dying, you probably recognize that they seem to have an idea that their time has come. They often recognize it even before it happens but the way that they deal with it may differ from one person to another. For a woman named Maria, who spent her life as a piano and singing teacher, she wanted nothing more than to be surrounded by beautiful music.

Fortunately, there was a hospice nurse that was able to take care of her desire. His name is Joshua and even though he is now an adult, he had been one of her students when he was nine years old. He has been singing and playing piano under her tutelage for years and as a result, they have a very special bond.

Maria gave a final wish to Joshua and she was lying on her deathbed. She wanted to hear him sing the song ‘How Great Thou Art’ because the song had meant a lot to her. It had comforted her when she needed it in life and it was a way for her to celebrate life as it was ending. Fortunately, Joshua was willing to grant that last wish.

He certainly had a lot of talent after all of those lessons and years of singing with Maria. He knew that he could perform what she needed.

Joshua started singing the first few lines and you could tell that Maria was relaxing. She just listens intently to every word he is singing and you can tell this is the best care that anyone could have.

Not long after Joshua sang to Maria, she passed away. He can be happy, however, knowing that he was able to provide her some peace during a difficult time.

Death is something that happens to all of us but when it happens to a loved one, it can be difficult to manage emotionally. When you get a last wish, such as this, make sure that you grant it so that you can be satisfied with knowing you gave them what they wanted at the end.

You can watch Joshua singing to Maria in this video:

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