My teen daughter chose her cheating dad over me & cut all contact, asks me for money years later

A woman found herself in a situation which made her wonder whether turning down her daughter down when she asked for help years after not reaching out to her was the right thing to do, or she still needed to be there for the daughter who disowned her years before.

It all happened when the woman, who asked fellow Redditors for advice, married a wealthy man.

He seemed like the right person for her, but shortly after tying the knot with him and falling pregnant with his child, she found out that he cheated on her.

At that point, she somehow convinced herself that he did that because she couldn’t be there for him enough because of her pregnancy so she made the decision to forgive him.

However, some years later, he cheated again, and she could no longer put up with his infidelity so she decided to divorce him.

This decision wasn’t easily accepted neither by his nor her family. Her parents told her to forgive him again and stay together with him for the sake of their daughter, while her in-laws believed divorce would ruin the family’s reputation as they were rich people known by many.

The woman knew that staying with her husband would only make her feel even more miserable than she was already, so she decided to leave him.

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Sadly, he had power and she lost the custody over their daughter.

The young girl was told over and over again that her mother wasn’t a good person so she never reached out to the woman sharing this story.

Not being able to be by her daughter’s side was very hard, but the daughter had nothing to do with her mother for many years, until one day, she came to her door begging for help.

It turned out that the woman’s ex-husband lost all of his money because of bad business decisions and wasn’t able to pay for his daughter’s college expences.

When the daughter came looking for her mother after so much time, she said she needed money and wanted to reconnect with her.

The woman wasn’t sure whether her daughter’s change of heart was a genuine one or she only wanted to rebuild their relationship because she needed the money for her education.

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The thing is that even if she wanted to help her daughter financially, there has been a condition in the woman’s will which said that in case she covers any expenses for her daughter, the daughter needs to forfeit her inheritance status and not receive her mother’s money and assets following her passing.

In fact, the woman listed her goddaughter as her main beneficiary.

When the family learned of this, they attacked the woman, telling her she wasn’t a good mother. They still claim she’s a bad person for prioritizing her goddaughter over her own daughter, who only wanted to connect to her mother when financial difficulties arose.

What are your thoughts on this?

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