My Husband Surprised Me with a Christmas Gift That Completely Shocked Me – So I Decided to Plan a Little Payback for Next Year

When a woman received a Christmas present from her husband that was clearly intended for himself, she hatched a plan for sweet revenge. After patiently biding her time, she finally had her moment of triumph over her self-centered spouse.

For years, a couple refrained from exchanging Christmas presents because of their financial situation. However, the wife would consistently prioritize purchasing items solely for their children and her in-laws.

During one Christmas season, her husband surprised her by bringing home a large box about ten days before the holiday. He eagerly informed her that he got it for her. Following the events, the woman decided to share her story on Reddit. It was quite unexpected, but she found comfort in the fact that there were many others who had gone through similar situations.

The woman sensed that there was something wrong with the gift.
The woman didn’t share the same level of enthusiasm for the gift as her husband did. «Intuition,» she said. It made her think that her husband was treating himself to something nice, not her.

On Christmas Eve, gifts are eagerly unwrapped by everyone. The woman’s husband eagerly urged her to open the gift he had gotten for her, insisting that she would absolutely adore it. The woman opened the box and discovered a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. She was absolutely furious.

The woman found satisfaction in the simple task of sweeping and mopping the floor, as her home boasted a combination of hardwood and linoleum flooring. She had no use for the vacuum cleaner. Then, her husband revealed his true intentions — he claimed he needed the vacuum cleaner for his garage because it had the ability to pick up water.

«He mentioned that it worked wonderfully because he had already tested it before packaging it,» the woman said. She could tell that he had purchased it for his own use. She would have preferred a more affordable necklace instead of receiving such a thoughtless gift.

That evening, the woman found it difficult to meet her husband’s eyes. She refused to go to bed with him and slept in the living room instead. When her husband discovered that the cause was due to his gift, he harshly criticized her for her apparent selfishness.
He explained to her that gifts should be chosen with the whole family in mind, rather than focusing on individual preferences. Upon receiving those words from her husband, she remained wide awake, meticulously plotting her revenge. It would be a whole year before she could bring her vision to life, but she didn’t seem to be bothered by the wait.

A Delicious Revenge on Her Husband

When Christmas rolled around, she stumbled upon the ideal gift for revenge. It came in a massive box, and as she laid eyes on it, she instantly knew it was the one. She carefully positioned the box beneath the tree on Christmas Eve. As she watched her husband open his gifts, a spark ignited in his eyes upon seeing the large box. His excitement grew even more when he discovered it was specifically for him.

He quickly opened the box and was surprised to find a case of toilet paper. Then, his wife expressed, «Christmas was about fulfilling our family’s needs and making use of what we have.»

That evening, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the gift to everyone in their family. His brothers and the rest of the family strongly believed that he was deserving of it. The woman’s courageous action played a crucial role in their family. Ever since that incident, no husband in the family has had the audacity to gift their wife a vacuum cleaner or anything similar for Christmas.

People Respond to the Woman’s Narrative
Users on Reddit took to sharing their own Christmas gift horror stories, providing inspiration for others. A woman recently shared a story about receiving an alarm clock from her husband as a Christmas gift, as his own alarm clock had stopped working.

A different woman recounted a story where her father-in-law gave his wife a not-so-subtle mop as a gift. His wife was furious until she opened it and discovered a luxurious necklace hanging from the mop handle.

Someone shared a story about their dad surprising their mom with a lawn mower as a birthday gift. After their divorce, he decided to bring the lawn mower along when he moved into his girlfriend’s new apartment.

The person’s mom refused, saying it was a birthday present. He eventually arrived at the house to mow the lawn, then proceeded to take it to his girlfriend’s place to mow her lawn, before finally returning it to his ex-wife.

When someone asked about the woman’s husband’s gift-giving skills following her toilet paper revenge, she sadly revealed that he never gave her another gift after that incident. Tragically, he passed away two years later.

What are your thoughts on the woman’s decision to seek revenge on her husband? What choices would you have made if you were in her position?

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