My Daughter Forbade Me from Attending Her Graduation Due To Her Dad’s Ultimatum

A woman and her daughter had a close relationship until her father left them for a new family. B, the daughter, expressed a desire to invite her estranged father to her graduation party, but he gave a condition: the mother couldn’t attend if he did.

The woman and her daughter, B, had a strong bond, even though her father had been absent for most of B’s life. A week before the graduation party, B dropped the bombshell, leading to a heated argument. The woman tried to change B’s mind but failed.

On graduation day, B’s father abandoned her again, leaving her in tears. The woman chose not to attend to teach her daughter a lesson. However, she later questioned her decision and sought guidance.

A conversation with B’s therapist revealed B’s idealized view of her father, and the woman apologized for not attending. B insisted her father’s presence was more important, causing further distress. The woman contemplated her future actions if B continued to prioritize her father.

In the aftermath, B cut off contact with both parents. The woman, after seeking therapy, began to rebuild her life, acknowledging the complexities of their relationship.

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