Mom of Two Puts Hidden Recorder In House, Checks It, Then Forbids Mother-In-Law To See Her Kids

A woman turned to the AITA subreddit to share her struggles with her mother-in-law (MIL). The turmoil began when the MIL announced she would live with the woman and her husband, creating discomfort for the daughter-in-law who reluctantly agreed. Resentment brewed as the MIL struggled to accept her son’s new family dynamics, manipulating him at will.

As the couple had two young children, the MIL took on childcare duties while the husband worked from home. Alarmed by a drastic change in her children’s behavior, the woman, suspecting mistreatment, discreetly installed a camera in the house. To her shock, the footage revealed hours of the MIL verbally abusing the children, referring to them as pigs and monkeys.

Confronting her husband with the evidence, he criticized her for recording private conversations and defended his mother’s behavior. Despite her distress, the husband insisted the children didn’t share her grievances, challenging her decision to restrict MIL’s access to the kids without supervision.

The woman stood firm, asserting that her MIL wouldn’t be allowed around the children unsupervised. The husband, while finding a separate apartment for his mother, continued to advocate for the MIL’s presence, leading to ongoing family tension. Redditors supported the woman’s decision, emphasizing her concerns for the well-being of her children.

The MIL returned to her home country but later came back. The husband, attempting to reconcile, sought shared living arrangements, but the woman remained resolute in her decision.

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