Mom leaves one empty seat for dead son at her wedding – breaks down when she sees who interrupts ceremony

Weddings are special occasions that ought to always be characterized by love and joy. Unfortunately, Becky Turner’s special day was also marked by the recent death of her son.

She tried her hardest to make the marriage to the man of her dreams go as smoothly as possible because she didn’t want to let her life fall apart completely.

The day’s events appeared to be going without a hitch. That is, until a certain stranger arrived and everything was suddenly altered.

Triston, her 19-year-old son, passed away from an unintentional gunshot wound. The teen was an organ donor, and others received his organs so they could live the life he was unable to.

Following a period of intense grieving, Becky and Kelly were scheduled to wed in Alaska.

Becky left a seat for her son with a note that will make your heart hurt even more. There was no way Becky was going to enjoy her special day without paying tribute, even though he wasn’t physically present.

The ceremony seemed to be going according to schedule, with Becky and Kelly on track to exchange vows as anticipated.

The wedding was then called off just before Becky and Kelly were to be pronounced husband and wife.

Becky had no idea that Kelly had been keeping a shocking secret from her for several months—a secret that would have everyone at the wedding in tears.

Becky recognized Jacob Kilby, a 21-year-old who appeared, right away. Triston’s organs were donated to those in need after he passed away.

One of them was Jacob, who had traveled 480 miles to attend the ceremony and had been given Triston’s heart.

Kelly had contacted the man in the months before the wedding and asked him to attend.

Additionally, Becky heard the heartbeat of her deceased son in Jacob’s chest while using a stethoscope.

Becky heard her beloved son’s heart for the first time since the tragic accident, and it had a significant impact on her special day.

Triston’s legacy will endure through Jacob.

It goes without saying that because of Jacob’s appearance, there weren’t many people in the area who had dry eyes.

There is obviously nothing that can be done to bring Triston back, but at least Becky can reflect on her wedding day and know that a physical as well as a spiritual aspect of him was present.

I don’t know about you, but reading about this definitely made us cry.

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