Mom Abandons 1 YO Baby In Derelict House, 10 Years Later, She Returns And Discovers The Unthinkable

This is the story of a one-year-old girl whose her mother abandoned. Not all abandoned babies survive. The story took place in Yaroslavl, Russia 10 years ago. People can tell that this is a scary event and that it should not have happened.

Ten years ago, 1-year-old Liza was abandoned by her mother in an old vacant house. Nobody knew that. One day the neighbor heard some babies crying. This thing went on every day. So they called the police who came to investigate the incident.

Police began searching for the source. They found a one-year-old baby lying on the dirty floor of an abandoned house. Her mother had left her a few days ago. The house was cold and empty. Police managed to find out who the baby was.

But they did not find her parents. She was taken to the hospital and doctors took care of her. Liza stayed in the hospital for a few days.

There was also a woman named Inna. She was taking care of her son. One day Inna heard Liza crying. When she saw the baby, Inna felt that she loved him a lot. Every day Inna brought her food and toys.

One day, when Inna visited, Lizza was no longer in the hospital. She had taken him to the orphanage.  So Inna decided to adopt her. The little girl was traumatized. But Inna cared a lot about her. She fed her, washed her, and loved her as if she were her daughter.

She sent Lisa to a ballet course and taught her not to be influenced by anyone’s words. Liza became a big and beautiful girl. Now she is a well-known model in Russia. She participated in many fashion shows and interviews.

At this time her biological mother heard about Liza’s success and wanted to meet her. But Liza refused to meet someone who had abandoned her.

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