Matted Dog Ceaselessly Glares At Cars For 2 Years Hoping Her Owner Returns

This unfortunate pup was abandoned, something that no animal should have to go through. She was abandoned in a run-down home with a barred gate when her owner passed away. It was two years before to that. The devoted dog waits day after day for her owner to arrive, in dire need of grooming right now.

When animal rescuers learned about the dog owned by a woman named Boksil who lived down the street, they were eventually contacted. She was horrified for the little puppy when she saw it. She gives her one meal per day. The rain started as soon as the rescuers got there. They were really sorry for the poor dog. They were unable to access her since she was secured behind a barrier.

The woman from across the street approached as the rain started to fall. She clarified what had transpired, dispelling the rescuers’ suspicion that Boksil was perhaps her dog. The dog is also quite hesitant, which makes it practically hard to capture her. The woman informed the rescuers that she was only able to assist her virtually. She can’t get any closer than Boksil will permit.

The rescuers wanted to figure out a way to catch Boksil. She was in desperate need of a second chance and a new home. They set up a camera from a distance and watched to see how Boksil leaves the house. She climbs out and makes her way to the food and water. Thankfully she’s able to eat.

The goal of the rescuers was to find a way to apprehend Boksil. She sorely needed a new beginning and a place to live. They placed a camera in a remote location and observed Boksil’s departure from the residence. She gets out and walks toward the water and food. She can finally eat, thank goodness.

They watch as Boksil crawls beneath the gate after a few nibbles and some water. If she allows it, they can now reach her. Boksil walks across to the road and sits there, her heavy fur matted in a ball. It is a genuinely devastating sight. She waits for her owner to get home as she watches each passing car in the hopes that one will stop.

The rescuers realized that was not possible, so they devised a plan to save her the following day. When they get there, Boksil bolts up the adjacent mountain as soon as she hears them. This was not going to be another time that this dog was given up on! With a mission to apprehend her and transform her life, the rescuers pursue her. Please watch the video below to find out what happens next. Too excellent to pass up!

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