Kelly Clarkson Disciplines Children with Spanking for Misbehavior

Kelly Clarkson, a mother of two from Fort Worth, Texas, shared her parenting approach in a recent interview. Clarkson, residing in Louisiana, where she notes spanking is common, revealed she wouldn’t hesitate to use this disciplinary method on her kids if they misbehave. She clarified that it’s not about a severe beating but a simple swat on the behind, emphasizing it as a common practice in the South.

Reflecting on her upbringing, Clarkson mentioned that she was spanked by her parents and believes she turned out well. She adds, however, that she always gives a warning before resorting to any form of discipline. The challenge, according to the Voice coach, lies in applying spanking in public due to potential judgment from those who disagree.

The debate on spanking as a long-term disciplinary strategy persists, with varying opinions on its safety. The American Academy of Pediatrics, however, does not endorse any form of corporal punishment, emphasizing alternative methods for child discipline.

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