If You See A Plastic Bottle On Your Tire, Be Warned

The modern world is incredibly complicated. Many of the bills you have to pay for were nonexistent just a few decades ago. Work keeps getting pushed on you without warning: you have to pay for your own retirement, check out your own products at Walmart because the company doesn’t want to recruit additional workers, and do your own tasks.

Adding one more item could be too much in the modern world where we already have so many things to worry about and occupy our time as we go about our daily lives. For your protection, though, the message we wish to convey to you now is essential. You might not be here tomorrow if you choose to disregard it. Therefore, if you ever notice a plastic bottle wedged between your tire and the vehicle’s frame, pay attention and take appropriate action. And give 911 a call right away if you do see it.

Thieves now have a new method to take advantage of you. It also works incredibly well. Carjackers have figured out a practical and incredibly economical way to take your vehicle.

Always keep in mind that there could be a possible thief hiding in the shadows if you detect a water bottle on your tire. They have you under observation. They are also ravenous for your car. Despite the fact that this trick was first discovered in Limpopo, South Africa, it has rapidly expanded over the globe and is currently very popular in the US.

This is how the ruse functions. A prospective carjacker will “mark” a car they wish to steal by pressing a water bottle up against the wheel. To hide it from the driver when they get in, they placed the bottle on the front passenger side wheel.

The empty plastic bottle crackles and creates a lot of other unsettling noises when the driver tries to move the vehicle. Most drivers stop their cars and get out to see what they ran over as their initial course of action. The carjacker then makes his move!

All a criminal has to do to escape is enter the car and drive away if a motorist leaves the keys inside while it is running. The owner is left looking foolish on the curb. Additionally, the burglar might simply take advantage of the situation to enter the vehicle and take goods that were left behind, like a wallet or cellphone. As soon as the driver gets out of the car to investigate the noise, they put themselves in danger.

Check your car’s wheels for a few seconds the next time you get in. Look around to see if you see anything that doesn’t seem right. Additionally, pay attention if you notice a water bottle wedged between the tire and the car’s frame. Perhaps the would-be thief is observing you. Pull out your phone, silently dial 911, tell the cops what’s going on and that you believe you could be in danger. Give your location and some car information.

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