I Recently Gave Birth and My MIL Told My Husband to Take a DNA Paternity Test

A woman struggled to accommodate her mother-in-law, especially after family members warned her about her. But one incident pushed the woman to the edge to seek revenge, which in turn affected her husband. So the woman wondered if she took things a bit too far.

A Redditor found herself in a sticky situation when she tried to get back at her mother-in-law. She realized that what she did affected her husband, so she turned to other Reddit users to ask for their opinions on the situation.

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The Original Poster (OP) revealed that she was a 30-year-old woman married to her 32-year-old husband for five years. The couple met at her husband’s cousin’s party, but she met her mother-in-law at her husband’s uncle’s funeral.

The OP was there in support of her husband, but she was taken aback when his cousin warned her about her mother-in-law. He told her that she was not the nicest person, had ridiculously high standards, and tended to be judgemental. So, the cousin advised her not to take some of her remarks personally.

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The wife asked her husband, and he seconded his cousin, but he assured her he would be by her side through everything. However, the OP felt like both her husband and his cousin had downplayed the kind of person her mother-in-law was because she started causing a scene and asking why a stranger was at a family funeral.

The OP’s husband tried to get a handle on the situation by cutting his mother off and telling her that his aunt was fine with him bringing someone. But that only left the wife with ugly stares and passive-aggressive comments from her mother-in-law.

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The Redditor also revealed that the husband’s mother caused a scene at her wedding but did not get into much detail. However, she clarified that she kept her distance.

When the 30-year-old discovered she was pregnant, her husband took some time to break the news to his mother. Eventually, he gained the courage to tell her. The couple expected her to be angry, but to their surprise, the mother-in-law was happy and expressed how excited she was to be a grandmother. “She was congratulating us. Her attitude turned completely, and I grudgingly allowed her to visit.” said the OP.

When the OP was giving birth, she asked to be in the room, but the wife refused. Again, her mother-in-law caused a scene and was told to leave. However, she apologized to the couple profusely, and the OP eventually agreed to let her visit her son.

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Things between the women were going well. The excited grandmother was in awe of the beauty of her grandson. But when the OP stood up to get them a drink, she came back to her husband angrily, telling his mother to leave.

Confused at what was happening, the Redditor wrote, “She started yelling he needed to get baby tested because he doesn’t look like anyone in their family. He kicked her out.” The mother-in-law took things further and posted on social media that the OP had cheated on her husband and that he needed a DNA test to prove the baby was his.

The wife was furious and decided to seek revenge. “So I made my own post and said I’ll get a test when she gets test for her son!” she wrote. However, that only made things worse. The mother-in-law called her son, asking for the post to be taken down, but he just hung up on her.

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Judging from her reaction, the husband started to doubt his mother and wondered if he needed to get a DNA test. To see her husband go through these emotions made the OP feel bad and that maybe she had taken things a bit too far. So, she turned to other Reddit users to ask for advice.

People in the comments section were in complete support of how the OP handled the situation. Although it was sad that the DNA seed had now been planted in her family, Reddit users advised her to get the test so that she has ammunition over her mother-in-law and for her husband to do the same because the doubt would haunt him forever.

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