I Ditched a Woman on Our First Date despite Everything Going Fine, but I Can Justify My Decision

A man ditched his date during their first meeting because of something she did. He wondered whether he was wrong for leaving her behind, and internet users weighed in on the situation.

A man met a girl named Kim on a dating app. They exchanged a couple of messages, and when they realized their relationship had potential, they decided to meet up for coffee.

The man shared his story on Reddit in the hope of getting clarity on whether what he did was wrong. He felt that ditching his date made him a bad person, so he wanted people’s perspectives regarding the situation.

Initially, the man and Kim were having an okay time. Admittedly, the man found the date boring, but the pair continued on to grab some coffee and talk before driving to an outdoor park.

It was a 30-minute drive to the park, and they used this time to get to know each other more. They had music playing in the background, and it was like any regular date.

However, when they got to the park, things started getting weird. They were talking about casual things when the guy had to use the restroom.

By the time the man finished, he noticed Kim was talking to another man outside. They were being flirty, and when he approached them, the other man asked who he was.

To his surprise, Kim replied, “he’s just my friend.” The other man proceeded to ask for her number, and she happily gave it to him so they could go out for a drink.

Needless to say, Kim’s date was left dumbfounded. He had little interest in continuing to get to know her after realizing Kim blatantly showed interest in another guy. In front of him, no less.

“I wasn’t that interested in her and if she’s the type of person to show interest in another guy and exchange info in front of me I have no future with her,” he determined.

Shortly after, Kim’s disheartened date made up an excuse to get away. He got in his car and drove home without her, knowing another 40 minutes with her in the passenger seat would be awkward.

After sharing his story, the man wondered whether he was too harsh for leaving the woman at the park, 40 minutes away from her home. He felt his sudden choice to ditch Kim was justified after what she had done during their date.

“If I’m lucky to get a date that is generous enough to buy me drinks and drive me for free I can hold myself for a day and not openly flirt and call you ‘just a friend,’” one woman wrote in support of the man.

“You don’t flirt and exchange numbers with someone else while on a date. I’m sure she can sort out transport home,” another said.

Despite this, other people felt he was harsh for leaving a woman behind in a strange park. “Just drop her off man. It’s 40 mins then you never have to speak to her again. Never let petty [expletive] stop you from being kind and considerate,” one person told him.

What do you think of the man’s situation? Do you believe what he did was justifiable? What would you have done if you were in his shoes?

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