Christian Farmer refuses to bow to morals for ‘Shark Tank’ judges

After a Christian farmer introduced his product, the investors of the show “Shark Tank” had one requirement — compromise on your morals or leave empty-handed. Refusing their demand with tears in his eyes, the humble farmer was soon offered the greatest deal of his life.

Having grown up in the horticulture industry, Johnny Georges realized that the average farmer was wasting millions of gallons of water each year to irrigate their crop. Seeing a desperate need for reform, he set out to invent a product that would revolutionize the way farmers operated their businesses.

Georges created the Tree T-Pee, a plastic cloak that not only retains water for individual trees but also protects them from freezing temperatures. With his invention, farmers would be able to keep a greater percentage of their crop alive and go from using 25,000 gallons of water per tree per year to just 800 gallons per tree per year, dramatically saving resources and money.

After making his pitch to the crew of investors on the television series “Shark Tank,” the panel was impressed with his design and its capabilities. However, they had one stipulation for investing with him. Although it costs Georges $2.95 to produce a single Tree T-Pee, the judges wanted him to raise his price from $4.95 per unit to $12 per unit in order to make them a large profit.

Upon hearing this condition, Georges explained why his product is so cheap. He knows the struggle that farmers face on a daily basis, and he refuses to take advantage of his fellow blue-collar citizens.

“You’re selling to farmers,” Georges said. “Every tree that goes in the ground should have a Tree T-Pee on it.”

When the judges saw that Johnny Georges wouldn’t budge, each one backed out of partnering with him. Just when he had lost hope, panelist John Paul DeJoria spoke up, offering the humble farmer the deal of a lifetime.

“Farmers are the cornerstone of America. There may be a lot of farmers out there that can’t afford $12 per tree but maybe they can afford $6 or $7,” DeJoria said. “I’m going to give you everything you’re asking for — your $150,000 for 20 percent. What you’re doing is right and you deserve the chance to make it big and do a lot of good. I’d like to be your partner, Johnny.”

Without hesitation, Georges accepted the unexpected offer, and the pair shook hands, sealing the deal. It was then that the motivating force behind the farmer’s ingenuity was revealed.

When another judge told Johnny Georges to congratulate his father for raising such a hardworking man, tears began flowing. Georges explained that his father died 12 years prior and that it was his dad’s example that is responsible for his success today.

“He made me who I am,” he said through tears. “We worked hard every day. I worked for that man for 20 years. I thank God that I got to work with that man. He is an innovator. He taught me everything I know.”

Georges walked out of that sales pitch with the deal of a lifetime. He has the investment of a billionaire, the funding to drive his career forward, and his morals intact.

Johnny Georges’ business has been a smashing success. He has helped farmers across America to grow their trees faster and hardier with a smaller loss of both produce and water.

Thanks to his work ethic, Georges has revolutionized the horticulture industry. However, it was all due to his strong moral conviction that many farmers who wouldn’t have been able to afford his product at the price the investors wanted are using the Tree T-Pee today.

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