7 yrs after rescuing lioness, he sees her again – She pounces in jaw-dropping reunion

Kevin Richardson, dubbed the Lion Whisperer, witnessed a lioness abandoning her cubs by scuffing of their neck and tossing them aside. He knew he had to step in and save the little babies that otherwise wouldn’t survive without their mother by their side. Kevin grew fond of the loving cubs and now seven years later, he was about to reunite with them.


By this time, the cubs became gorgeous lionesses who learned how to hunt by themselves. As Kevin says, they don’t really need to be taught how to do it because catching a pray is in their DNA.

When he was about to approach his old friends he felt a bit nervous. However, as he says, when working with big cats he relies on intuition rather than static rules in his interactions so he could feel how they would react once he tracked them down.


Kevin and his crew detected one of them and placed a GoPro camera around her belly because they wanted to film the reunion firsthand.

What the camera caught is one of the most majestic interactions between a wild beast and a human. This lioness trusts her savior so much that she’s ready to enter the water for him.


The way she approached the water resembled a position these animals take before attacking their pray, but Kevin knew she wouldn’t hurt him, the only thing she wanted was to be with her friend.

Thankfully, both their cameras were running and captured the perfect moment that took our breath away.


Kevin knows that moments like this are worth every sacrifice he makes. He’s been scratched and punctured before, but this didn’t discouraged him to continue working with these magnificent creatures, because as he says, “Obviously one realizes the danger when working with animals of this calibre, I’ve weighed the pros and I’ve weighed the cons, and the pros far outweigh the cons.”


Take a peek at their heart-stopping reunion for you.

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