22 Vintage Items With As Much Beauty And Charm As Ever

There are times when we may have some older items around the house. We don’t necessarily use them all of the time, but we do love pulling them out on occasion and giving them a once-over.

Some people call these items antiques, and others call them vintage, but regardless of what you call them, they are often nostalgic, and they really make us think about the way things were back then. Perhaps that is the real beauty of having them around.

These vintage items often age gracefully, and they sometimes even get more beautiful as the years pass by. That is why we are sharing these pictures with you, because you will see that these items are not older; they are better.

1. “My grandmother got this in Germany in the 50’s or 60’s. It is now mine, but I honestly don’t know what it is. It’s beautiful.”

2. “Look at this 1960s-era Oscar De La Renta mink coat.”

3. “My grandma has owned these glasses for 36 years. It turns out that they are unsolid gold with ruby.”

4. “A 1920s uranium necklace. It glows a bright, almost opaque green when placed under UV light.”

5. “My 1970s dress collection thus far!”

6. “My unique engagement ring was my late grandmother’s. It’s called a floral cluster setting, and it was a trend in engagement rings in the 1960s.”

7. “About 10 of the 100+ Oriya Script Palm Leaf Manuscripts in my library.”

8. “I inherited this gorgeous table from my partner’s wealthy grandmother.”

9. “We added a vintage fridge to our kitchen to complete the look.”

10. “Vintage Elgin Pocket Watch from the late 1800s. It was passed down in the family for four generations.”

11. “Mom just gave me a family heirloom—a flask from the 1800s.”

12. “My friend found a turquoise collection from her grandma and sold it to me. These have sat in a basement for the last 40+ years.”

13. “My grandpa’s collection of the first edition hard cover Harry Potter books. Worth well over $100,000.”

14. “Family heirloom. My grandfather’s watch. Mum says he treasured it.”

15. “The other vintage guitar in my family. Dad’s 1969 Gibson SG”

16. “101 years old and going strong… There’s nothing like a vintage fountain pen.”

17. “My grandpa’s razor, which I inherited, used to shave with him (without a razor in it) when I was little. 1940’s gold-plated double-edge blade.”

18. “My mom bought these earrings when she was 13 about 60 years ago.”

19. “This vintage couch feels like it was made for our living room.”

20. “A gorgeous 1970s original Gunne Sax Victorian wedding dress and an entire set of mid-20th century dinnerware. I’m swooning.”

21. “I was ecstatic when I found this 1960-70’s marble-top coffee table.”

22. “This dress is literally in perfect condition after almost 50 years.”

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